It has been a long and eventful journey for Shri Prakash Kanugo, the head of the "PRAKASH GROUP OF COMPANIES". His Career has spanned more than 30 years of hard work, grit and business acumen. And yes, he is a master of human relations.

Shri Prakash C. Kanugo was born on 2nd July in 1953 in a respectable family.

His was a fortunate birth for he was born in Sanchore – a town of success stories in the field of enterprise. 30 years ago, Shri Prakash Kanugo with foresight and fire in his belly established a trading company dealing in stainless steel.

It was a bold step for a young man who had no previous experience in ferrous market and fall back upon.

Today a manufacturing unit in the name of Prakash Steelage Limited, the shining jewel in the crown of "Prakash Group Of Companies", stands proud at village Kherdi, in Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa, it is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The unit is a specialized factory equipped with state-of-the art technology for the manufacture of stainless steel welded pipes and tubes. The quality and service provided to its customers is amply proved by the ISO 9001:2000 certificate that was awarded by the certifying agency.

On November 2001 the "Prakash Group Of Companies" celebrated its "SILVER JUBILEE" with pride and splendor. The journey from 1976 to 2001 as a leading stockiest importer and exporter of stainless steel industrial material has been a journey that is marked by successes

The group imports materials from both domestic as well as overseas markets. Domestically, it buys material from M/s Jindal Strips Limited, Hissar, Haryana, M/s Salem Steel Plant of SAIL and Shah Alloys Limited. The material sourced from above mentioned companies caters to the need of the domestic industries.The group exports its finished products to both developed and developing countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, U.K, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Shri Prakash Kanugo is not just a businessman. He is a responsible member of large extended family as well as an individual who believes in customer's satisfaction. His motto in life is "Quality and Service". Prakash Kanugo today stands as an example of honesty, dedication and yes, ambition. From humble beginning he stands tall in the world of steel markets. His right to success is directly related to his discipline in the matters of finance and his dependability. No wonders why Shri Prakash Kanugo is called "A True Man of his Word". His word is the seal that promises his commitment and put all his efforts to promptly deliver to the party concerned.Shri Prakash C. Kanugo is highly respected is obvious by his acceptance as a member by serious business and trade organizations.

Shri Prakash C. Kanugo is a well-traveled man. He has revisited UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland and South Korea. He is a person who keeps abreast of the latest and modern aspects of his business. To ensure quality he frequently goes abroad and conducts business matters that are dear to him.

Here is thus a story of success that is paved with hard-work dedication love and honesty. Shri Prakash C. Kanugo rightly deservers all honors that have been showered on him – the best among them being "his story is noteworthy and an example to be emulated by younger generation for years to come".