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About Prakash Steelage LTD.

Your Trusted Partner for Stainless Steel Solutions

Prakash Steelage Ltd is a global leader in Stainless Steel  solutions, renowned for its quality products and innovative approach. With a diverse portfolio including Pipes, Tubes, the company serves industries worldwide with precision-engineered steel solutions. Prakash Steelage's commitment to excellence is evident in its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and dedication to customer satisfaction. Through responsible practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives, the company contributes positively to the environment and communities. As it continues to pioneer advancements in the steel industry, Prakash Steelage remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence and sustainability.

PSL is a part of the Prakash group, which has over 30 years of extensive experience in the distribution and manufacturing of value-added steel products in India. 

PSL was founded in 1996 with the vision of producing Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes under one roof in India, using advanced technology and quality control systems at its Silvassa facility. 

PSL has a loyal and diverse customer base worldwide and provides excellent customer service and innovative solutions.


Our mission is to deliver quality, innovation and value in Stainless Steel pipes and tubes worldwide, and to serve and partner with our customers with excellence.


Our vision is to lead and grow in Stainless Steel industry globally, and to be a trusted, valued and responsible partner.

Core Value

Our core values are quality, trust, and growth. We measure success through continuous improvement and excellence in all we do.
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Chairman's Speech

Prakash Kanugo


Dear stakeholders, esteemed guests, and members of the Prakash Steelage Ltd family,

I am delighted to address you as the Chairman of Prakash Steelage Ltd, a renowned name in the Stainless Steel Pipe market in India. It gives me immense pleasure to reflect on our journey so far and the accomplishments we have achieved together.

The Stainless Steel Pipe market in India has experienced remarkable growth, driven by factors such as rapid industrialization, infrastructure development, and a rising demand for top-quality Stainless Steel products. Prakash Steelage Ltd has been a key player in this market, consistently delivering excellence and innovation to meet the evolving requirements of our customers.

As we set our sights on the future, our commitment is to solidify our position in the market and expand our footprint across India. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise, technology, and capabilities to provide a diverse range of high-quality Stainless Steel Pipes that cater to various industry segments and applications.

I am pleased to share that Prakash Steelage Ltd is actively contributing to India's development by supporting vital sectors like construction, automotive, infrastructure, and manufacturing. Our products play a critical role in driving progress and efficiency in these sectors, thereby contributing to the country's economic growth and industrial advancement.

Looking ahead, the future of Prakash Steelage Ltd is brimming with promise and potential. We are continuously exploring new avenues for growth, diversification, and innovation to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing market landscape. Our steadfast commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability will continue to guide us on this journey towards excellence.

In conclusion, I extend my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders for their unwavering support and trust in Prakash Steelage Ltd. Together, we will continue to script the success story of our company, forging a brighter and more robust future for all. Thank you.

Let us embrace the future with confidence and determination as we advance towards greater heights of success and prosperity.

Thank you.



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