Quality Assurance


Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

Focused Approch

Quality is both process and outcome for us. We focus on key aspects that affect quality of our products and services. We monitor and improve them constantly.

International Standard

We use ASTM International standards for our Stainless Steel products. We compare them with standards from other countries and regions. We meet or exceed our customers requirements from various markets.

Quality Guarantee

Our Stainless Steel welded Pipes, large diameter Pipes, and Tubes are of high quality and comply with Indian and international standards. They are defect-free and damage-free.

Inhouse Testing

We test our Stainless Steel products inhouse with advanced equipment and industry standards. We check their properties for quality and safety. Our inhouse testing ensures defect-free and safe products.

Modern Equipment

We make Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes with the latest technology and equipment. We use continuous tube mill process and multi-touch TIG welding for seamless and corrosion-resistant products.

Production Efficiency

We seek high efficiency in steel industry. We use advanced machines and resources well. We control and improve quality, performance, and reliability. We offer superior products at low prices.

Our Testing Facility

We have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based onspecially developed technology.


Delivering Results With Solid Dependability